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Via Emilia  
Via Emilia: Italian quality and taste in the world
  Farmhouse beginnings
  Everything began more than a decade ago when our family decided to move from Switzerland to Piedmont, a region already famous within Italy for its food and wines. We found such a culture of preserving everything that grows and had it all in our own garden.

Also the traditional genuine variety of preparation of high-quality food tempted us to start a production of our self. Today our message of Italian quality and taste from the heart of Piedmont is exported round the world. How lucky are we that we do what we love? Our recipes have remained the same, and all our farm-produced ingredients are of the highest fresh quality.

· The best sun ripened tomatoes grow in the region of Emilia Romagna and our tomato pasta sauces are produced only with these fruits. In the best Italian tradition we cook our "pasta sugo" for many hours to a thick and tasty sauces with meat or only vegetables (vegetarian).

· Pesto we produce out of basil, sundried tomatoes or rocket.

· The traditional way of receiving guests in Italy is with a choice of "crostini, grissini and lingua di suocera" for the aperitif or as starter. Together with our wonderful Mediterranean crostini spreads a real treat.

· Only fresh and genuine vegetables are used to prepare our traditional vegetable starters which are called "antipasti". The sustainable growth in the sunny clime of Italy makes these preserves enjoyable finger food or adds to a salad.

· We know personally the producer of our italian extra virgin olive oil who are located in the most famous regions Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia. The cold pressed italian "olio extra vergine di oliva" we have in elegant glass bottles of different contents or tins.

· Balsamic vinegars of Modena is certified IGP. The quality is measured in 1 to 4 leaves and in our range we have quality 2 to the best with 4 leaves. The "Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP" is used for salads, meat or sweets.

· The traditional Naples style durum wheat pasta is made with bronze-moulds that gives our "pasta di grano duro" the typical rough texture. The typical italian pastas are available in many shapes and the Spaghettis are "alla chitarra" so not cut and 40cm long.

· Our egg pasta is made with more than 7 eggs per kilo (2.2 pounds) of durum wheat semolina. The final dried "pasta all'uovo" have 31% eggs, which is much more the 20% most other egg pastas contain.

· Best sweet chocolate truffles are "tartufi dolci" produced with IGP certified hazelnuts from the Piedmont. A delight with italian coffee or… without!

· Herbs, spice mixtures and sea salt, "sale marino" you also find in our range.

· Our organic range of product is certified ICEA
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