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Via Emilia  
Via Emilia: Gift boxes
  Gift Boxes
Cod. SRV4765BW
3 Laura B&W
Cod. SRV4482BW
Sapori with Novello
Cod. SRV4871BW
Olives & boat
Cod. SRV4451BW
Cod. SRV4987BW
Herb rack for salad
Cod. SRV4444BW
Grissini, olives & bowls
Cod. SRV4468BW
Fusilli e Penne B&W
Cod. SRV4727
Cod. SRV4475BW
Olive oil tins & 6 herbs
Cod. SRV4840
Parmigiano & Pasta
Cod. SRV4888
Grissini with creams
Cod. SRV4857
Apero with 2 Prosecco
Cod. SRV4642
Herb heart
Cod. SRV4543
Olive heart
Cod. SRV4659
Heart with olive oil & herbs
Cod. SRV4673
Herb & salt heart
Cod. SRV4758
Grissini Dip
Cod. SRV4895
Grissini Dip and Prosecco
Cod. SRV4574
Greetings from Modena
Cod. SRV4550
Italian olive oils
Cod. SRV4680
2 olive oils & 1 wine vinegar
Cod. SRV4529
1 olive oil & 2 balsamic vinegars
Cod. SRV4789
Olive oil and vinegar spray
Cod. SRV4611
The oil & vinegar collection
Cod. SRV4604
Wine vinegar collection
Cod. SRV4628
Al dente
Cod. SRV4567
The Mediterranean herb rack
Cod. SRV4741
Herbs & mills
Cod. SRV4581
Herbs & olive oil
Cod. SRV4598
Olive oil, balsamic vinegar & mills
Cod. SRV4697
Risotto rice with truffle oil
Cod. SRV4734
Risotto rice with herbs
Cod. SRV4536
Wagner Trio - Gran Laura
Cod. SRV4703
Herb blends
Cod. SRV4765
3 Laura 250ml
Cod. SRV4994
Crostini with creams
Cod. SRV4901
Linguine with creams
Cod. SRV4833
Spaghetti, pesto and sauce
Cod. SRV4819
Truffle oil and risotto gift-wrapped
Cod. SRV4772
Herb jar
Cod. SRV4918
Prosecco, panettone & torroncini
Cod. SRV4925
Prosecco & panettone
Cod. SRV4666
Honey & jam
Cod. SRV4710
Honey heart
Cod. SRV4826
Honey & wooden honey spoon
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