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Via Emilia  
  The essentials are the same as for our durum wheat pasta except that eggs, instead of water, are used to make the dough. With such a high egg content, servings of between 60-80grams per person are sufficient.  
Pasta with 31% eggs
Cod. VE0095
Large pasta   Pappardelle
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0118
Medium large pasta   Fettuccine
8.8 oz 250g
Cod. VE0101
Thin pasta   Tagliolini
8.8 oz 250g
Cod. VE0439
Narcissus   Gigli
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0446
Rolled Penne   Cannelli
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0088
Thin pasta green and white coloured   Paglia e fieno
8.8 oz 250g

Egg pastas are available on request with the following additional ingredients:
truffle, saffron, cuttle-fish ink, rocket.
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