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Via Emilia  
  There are two requirements for making good pasta: first, only first grade durum wheat should be used, second, the pasta should be dried slowly, at a temperature of 55°C, for hours, even days at a time. This process preserves all the valuable substances, and the finished product stays firm to the bite when cooked. Obviously only small pasta manufacturers go to such lengths, and ours comes from one of them.  
Pasta from durum wheat semolina
Cod. VE0002
Spaghetti blu   Spaghetti blu
35.2 oz 1000g
Cod. VE0019
Spaghetti   Spaghetti
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0354
Spaghetti three colour   Spaghetti tricolore
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0026
Penne   Penne
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0422
Pennette (thin penne)   Pennette
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0248
Maccheroni   Maccheroni
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0262
Fusilli   Fusilli
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0255
Strozzapreti   Strozzapreti
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0231
Thick spaghettis with hole   Bucatini
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0224
Thin spaghetti   Spaghettini
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0033
Giant shells (NEW in bags, no paperbasket)   Conchiglioni
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0040
Giant shells 3 coloured (NEW in bags, no paperbasket)   Conchiglioni tricolore
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0057
Flat noodles   Fettuccine
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0064
Handmade pasta from Puglia   Orecchiette
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0460
Handmade coloured pasta   Orecchiette multicolore
17.6 oz 500g
Cod. VE0071
Hand made past from Liguria   Trofiette
17.6 oz 500g

on request we supply noodles made of: rice, corn, spelt, camut.
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