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Via Emilia  
  Our comprehensive range of herbs and spices are packed in decorative, reusable tins.
Each tin is shrink-wrapped before leaving Via Emilia to maintain quality assurance and flavour.
Herbs & spices
Cod. VE1818
Rosemary   Rosmarino
0.5 oz 15g
Cod. VE1825
Marjoram   Maggiorana
0.2 oz 7g
Cod. VE1832
Sage   Salvia
0.4 oz 12g
Cod. VE1849
Thyme   Timo
0.5 oz 15g
Cod. VE1887
Mixed herbs: thyme, sage, rosemary   Erbe di provenza
0.3 oz 10g
Cod. VE1894
Bay laurel   Lauro
0.6 oz 18g
Cod. VE1948
Basil   Basilico
0.4 oz 14g
Cod. VE1955
Parsley   Prezzemolo
0.4 oz 12g
Cod. VE1924
Chive   Erba cipollina
0.1 oz 5g
Cod. VE1856
Garlic slices   Aglio a fette
0.8 oz 25g
Cod. VE1979
Garlic granules   Aglio granulare
1.9 oz 55g
Cod. VE1986
Fennel   Finocchio
1.4 oz 40g
Cod. VE1870
White pepper   Pepe bianco
1.9 oz 55g
Cod. VE1993
Green pepper   Pepe verde
0.7 oz 21g
Cod. VE2006
Red pepper   Pepe rosso
0.7 oz 20g
Cod. VE1931
Onion pieces   Cipolla
0.7 oz 20g
Cod. VE1962
Dried tomato flakes   Pomodori secchi pezzi
0.6 oz 18g

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